A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Love - This can be sub divided into physical love & spiritual love.


The Greeks use two words to describe these states & since both appear to be fully interchangeable we will deal with both together.


1. Agabee.
First degree love. This is a word used to describe what one feels for pets, yinaiges of type one and sometimes type three and also children.

2. Erotas.

Second degree love, a more serious proposition as it applies to yinaiges of types two & four & in theory type one if newly married. It also refers to the act of love itself with whomever it is performed.

Thus it is possible to make (kano – I make or do) erotas with someone for whom you feel little or no agabee, or alternatively a first or second degree passion.

Differentiation between the two states is largely academic since Monday's Erotas is often Tuesday's Agabee & Friday's Bia; (Who? Fem.) especially in the tourist season.

The only precaution worthy of comment is to be sure that when you say agabee, they are not thinking erotas, or indeed vice versa.
This is not always a good area for experiment.