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A watermelon


Often weighing up to 5Kg or more and grown locally, it is also used to refer to the head of intellectually challenged individuals in the phrase Hani ee batiha dou, literally "his melon is leaking" or figuratively that the individual is either totally barking or at least well on his or her way there.


There are drawbacks with this phrase however.

1.  You may be taken literally and some helpful individual may then encourage you to help clean up the mess.


2.  Persons with "flawed melon syndrome" (FMS) are by and large glaringly obvious, and thus only another "flawed melon" would waste time and energy pointing them out.  Indeed If you stood in a single spot anywhere in Cyprus (or indeed anywhere on Earth one imagines) and pointed out all the persons with FMS, you would spend your whole day at the task thus suggesting that your own batiha might need more than a little patching in view of your compulsive need to emphasise the blazingly obvious to little purpose.


Alternatively you can use the less rustic word kellegis which means "head-case" and at least if you smile when saying it the word can even be used with a degree of affection.


Points two to three will still apply, however.