A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

A club where music is played live for dancing & food is often available.

Latterly though the cabaret or as it was once known the bouzouki* is an all male preserve where X-rated floor shows are performed to an audience who may later purchase the performers for their private & more intimate enjoyment.
It is in effect a "shop window" in which alleged artistes display their limited terpsichorean talents in order to attract clients who will treat them as their yinaiga (Type two) until the money runs out.
Thus these once cheerful family clubs have been sacrificed allegedly on the ever rapacious altar of tourism, but in reality it is rare to unheard of to see a tourist in a cabaret.
This is because an injudicious foreigner who enters these establishments is immediately equipped with a yinaiga or two for whom he is expected to pay whether he wants them (in either sense of the word) or not.
On one occasion some years ago a newspaper documented an unsuspecting gentleman from Norway who was charged £420 for twenty minutes conversation with two such "girls" and a bottle of whisky - neither of which he desired. (Also in either sense of the word).
He was then escorted a cash machine to ensure he did not get lost (in any sense of the word) where fate in the shape of a local person in the laudable role of a concerned citizen courageously intervened to save him.
 (A bottle of Whisky at that time was priced locally at £12 if imported or £3 if local. Local or eastern European spirits are frequently sold in the bottles of imported brands in order to boost profit margins. The water used in diluting both types prior to offering them for sale is usually local. )
Persons who frequent cabarets are known as cabarehgis (sing.) or cabarehgies (pl.).These individuals are known to be hard drinking, stand no nonsense manges(pl.) readily able to spent large quantities of their money or their yinaiga's (type one) money or indeed any money whatever from whoever in the drunken pursuit of personal gratification with under dressed, over-vivacious Roumanezas (Roumanian females), Rosithes (Russian females) or anyone else who can be bribed or pressured by the club owners into cooperating - with condoms provided free.
Thus any venue with the words club, bouzouki, cabaret, or any reference to a balletto (dance troupe) should be treated as if intensely radioactive.
Signs or photographs that illustrate clumsily posed young women, nude or scantily clad, are the clearest possible warnings of a tourist Chernobyl** - it might have been fun to go there once, but it would not be such a good idea to go there now, or indeed for the next few centuries.
* After the popular Greek musical instrument of the same name, superficially similar to the balalaika of Russia.

 **On April 26, 1986, a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine experienced a catastrophic failure (in that it blew up). This was the worst nuclear power disaster in history Fukushima went pop too. 
With reference to Chernobyl, amount of radiation released was at least 100 times that of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs combined, and an area nearly half the size of Colorado was contaminated by the event whilst the entire norther hemisphere was affected to varying degrees.