A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

A ridiculous action, thing, action or person.


This convenient all-purpose dismissive insult is remarkable in its versatility. We hear it used primarily in three forms, of which examples are found below. Please feel free to invent your own combinations.
Note that it is seldom shouted, and should be delivered with a "Oh God you make me tired" attitude.
Also it can be used affectionately among friends but be careful.  Its quite an antique phrase and will usually provoke a smile.


1. Reh chofta.
Similar to the English “Oi, wally!” In this case the chofta refers to a person but not intending to wound.


2. Papse des choftes.
In this plural use it means you require the individual addressed to stop doing or saying idiotic things.
( Papse – Colloquially, to stop or give up )


3. Doudi din chofta
Here chofta refers to an object that you consider ridiculous and you would indicate with a flip of a finger and a sneer.


Accordingly the next time you visit Ayia Napa and are charged € 4.50 for a 50 cent bottle of water, instead of hurling the bottle at its smirking vendor’s head you can adopt the easier path of rolling your eyes and saying:
Papse des choftes geh bes mou bossa, reh or “Cut the crap and tell me how much, mate.”

Probably it will not make any difference to the price, but this way you get to drink the water.
Alternatively carry your own water yia na min se ghamisoun*


*So they can't screw you.