A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.


"Englesos" means "Englishman".  Are you?


Partly.  I have no idea which parts though.

Do you live in Cyprus.


Yes, its a great place and I recommend it to anyone.  To live here and be happy, though, you need to remember two things.


1.  No it isn't England and nor is it part of the forelock-tugging empire.  Locals will speak English out of courtesy, not duty.  Learn some Greek at least to say hello, please and thank you.


2.  Ayia Napa and other tourist traps are not Cyprus any more than Soho is London.

I thouroughly disagree with everything you say on this site.  How dare you!


Really?  Link here.

Are you going to write an English for Foreigners page?  Balance in all things, dude.


Thinking about that one actually.....