A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Latterly mobile with the emphasis on the "i" and the "l" tapering abruptly.

This is in fact a high-tech status symbol that has the additional bonus that it implies one or more of the following:

1. The person holding it is of such importance that they are of a necessity reachable 24 hours a day. These persons will put on a show of annoyance if the phone rings and snap at the caller unless it is a woman.

2. The owner (usually male) is rich enough to afford the latest wafer thin but training-shoe sized Apple/Samsung technology. These persons answer the phone with an air of indolence (even if it did not ring yet or indeed ever) and will speak very loudly to draw attention to themselves.

3. The owner (usually female) lives in such a busy social whirl that only 24-hour satellite based telecommunications via speech, SMS, Twitter and Facebook allows them to keep track of and arrange their multitudinous social commitments, lovers, spouses, hairdresser appointments and plethora of friends.
These persons answer the phone with a show of enormous shrieking delight and then issues a series of brisk mock-serious commands as to where, when, how and why to get together. Alternatively they will look embarrassed and claim that they cannot talk now. 
Conversations are concluded with a drawled "ciao" as final proof of their total ultra sophistication.
Constant rattling noises from the keyboard due to the high-speed sending SMS or Facebook messages is another feature (or else symptom) of this group.
These phones trill, warble, beep and play fatuous little beepy polyphonic tunes and shaky copies of popular Greek songs in church, at the beach, in restaurants, in cinemas, during concerts, in operating theatres, in cars being driven one handed, and basically everywhere else too.
Such has been their cultural impact that they have been incorporated into the "4 fi's" (f's) of Cypriot social attainment.
Namely the fougou, foridon, fillipineza, and filon (or else fili - meaning boyfriend or girlfriend respectively.).

More recently it seems to becoming mandatory (fashion wise) to drive one-handed, especially at road junctions or other areas of the thromos where one can be seen, and to frown into the mobile whilst snapping instructions - presumably to upgrade one's life insurance before the inevitable occurs.

Remarkably even in big, luxury vehicles where a decent Bluetooth radio is standard, brandishing your i-phone whilst putting the frighteners on other road users with your negligently incompetent driving complete with your toddler(s) rampage unrestrained throughout the passenger compartment is still seen as the thing to do.
If only Alexander Graham Bell had realized he might have invented the light bulb instead.