A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

A donkey. (Equus asinus)


This was in truth the perfect form of transport for Cyprus and was used quite commonly until relatively recently in the more rural areas.
Its major advantages were/are:

1. Being run over by a donkey seldom killed anyone.

2. However drunk you may be as a driver, the donkey will still get you home without killing you or any other road users.

3. All donkeys look and perform more or less the same and are therefore of little use as a mangoscini.
4. Donkeys do not exceed the 100 kilometre an hour speed limits on the motorways.

5. A donkey will not permit the fitting of Roo bars and fog lamps to it's harness or to its person.

6. Rolling a donkey does not result in it becoming an insurance write-off

7. Donkeys require neither tax nor insurance.

8. A donkey knows better than to overtake on the inside lane.

9. A donkey tells you if it is grossly overloaded.

10. Within limits, a donkey will repair itself.

Despite these laudable qualities, the word gaithouros is now more commonly used to describe a slow witted and uncooperative rustic. A more dense and intransigent than usual gouloufos of less than minimal nous, (brains) if you prefer.

This is puzzling as, based on the above, it seems that the donkey was probably brighter intellectually than some of the people that should be riding it, but this is not a point of view we recommend advertising.


It is however worth remembering