A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Faux pas


A “hatta” or sometimes “hattan” is an embarrassing mishap or faux pas, the Cypriot equivalent to being caught with one’s metaphorical trousers down and probably in the wrong bedroom at that.
Again we note the customary passive use of the word in the phrase “Ti hatta bou ebatha” or “What a hatta I have suffered” implying – usually wrongly – that you are the innocent victim of an unfortunate random event rather than having publicly shot yourself in the proverbial foot.
The clearest example of the hatta in modern Cypriot life is that of the highly patriotic Cypriot citizens who slip over the now open “green line” between the Republic of Cyprus and occupied  Cyprus and in order to indulge in shopping, gambling, whoring, gassing up their thiplowgambina and dining at substantially reduced prices and/or reduced risk of discovery in the event of meeting with members of the opposite sex for clandestine "pay per visit" purposes.
This whilst decrying their friends, countrymen and especially foreign residents of Cyprus as traitors and two-faced hypocrites for doing the same thing more openly.
It becomes a “hatta”, of course, is meeting up with said friends, relations or foreign residents on the wrong side of the green line, suffering road traffic accidents requiring being rescued whilst there or being caught on camera on their return.
One may then exclaim Ahman! (Ooer!)