A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.


A macho-man.


This word refers to a male who - in his own opinion - is handsome, daring, filled with suicidal bravado and in general highly blessed with those traits most likely to impress/worry his fellow males and bedazzle the female of the species.

Examples of mangas-like behaviour include:


1. Pulling "wheelies" on your motorbike at 100 kph in front of other road users, especially if you can cause them to crash in their attempts to avoid killing you.


2. Twirling your komboloi (worry beads) with great dexterity and expertise whilst looking in the other direction or talking very loudly and glaring at people (ideally whilst driving at speed).


3. Parking in the middle of a busy street to converse with a fellow mangas going it the other direction. The longer the tailback, the greater the mangoscini.


4.  Sitting in one chair with your feet in another and your newspaper in a third in a crowded coffee shop.

Mangas can also be employed as a term of contempt or dismissal for the mangas-like acts of another individual especially when within hearing of the female(s) at whom the acts in question are directed, just curl your lip whilst speaking.
Such acts are describes as mangoscinis (pl. mangoscines ).
If you wish to be sincere rather than ironic in complimenting an individual's manliness, the word ballikari may be employed, meaning warrior. You could ask of a parent, whilst nodding with approval at their son, bios en to ballikari?  implying that he is a fine, healthy, bold young specimen and thus making the parents very happy.


With more obviously suicidal or antisocial mangoscines it is often better just to ignore the whole matter or just remark "eh" in a casual fashion (preferably whilst staring into the distance) if some comment is apparently required of you.

Please remember that the word mangas should not be confused with the word malagas which has an anal/homosexual connotation and is used as an insult.
Confusion arises not infrequently as the average mangas may very well be acting like a total and utter malagas and the last thing he needs is you to remind him.