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Although a closer approximation might be the phrase "friends in high places" and is generally viewed as the Cyprus equivalent to the "old school tie" network so beloved of the English upper classes.
The implication is that these friends or commonly relations are capable of being exploited to the advantage of the individual possessed of meson. For example, it is said that to enjoy a government post one must have money, moni (the female reproductive organ) or meson - These are the proverbial three M's of Cypriot society.


It is curious to note that persons who loudly decry the use of meson by one individual in, for example, procuring work with an ibourgieon (ministry or governmental department) despite their lack of any apparent qualification or experience, will employ their own meson in quashing a drink-driving conviction without the least qualm. No feelings of hypocrisy or guilt, even in front of the victim's widow, are demonstrated.


Thus we may deduce that to a Cypriot, meson is only held to be a bad thing if somebody else has it or employs it or else if you are found out by anyone with a bigger or more active meson than your own.


 *In ancient Rome, large numbers of illegitimate sons of senators were found governmental posts as a sop to their father's consciences. It was held unwise to term this large and well connected group the "barstardi", hence they were called the "nepotismi" or "nephews".