A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Drunk or a drunkard


There are surprisingly few full-blown alcoholics in Cyprus compared with the U.K.despite the total freedom of availability of alcohol over the counter, it's low prices and, in the case of traditional Cypriot products, its high quality.

Perhaps there is a lesson here.


If you see a figure collapsed in a pool of vomit it is in truth probably a tourist, and English at that. If he over 40, is fat and bald as well, he may be a Russian.  The females look about the same.
Heavy drinking is however common and driving under the influence is a peccadillo rather than a crime unless something dreadful happens in which case you will not be overlooked regardless of race or creed unless your meson is truly enormous.

With the questionable standard of driving ability locally - especially among sozzled eastern Europeans with aged, shaky cars, massive arrogance, no knowledge of the laws of physics and a death-wish - full alertness is recommended.