A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Or more correctly Neh, mah…….. This is the literal equivalent to the English "Yes, but....well...".


It has two additional features that it's British counterpart lacks, though.


1. Following the final mah, nothing further must be added, the syllable is allowed to dwindle in a gradual diminuendo as the eyes of the speaker flick away from the face of the person addressed and focus as if on an imaginary fly darting around somewhere off to their left.

The reason for this is: -


 2. The "gradual diminuendo" continues for the length of time required in the opinion of the speaker for the addressee's attention span to "time out" and thus for the complaint to be forgotten.


 It is not well received when foreigner's or worse still Charlie's attention span(s) exceed the practical length of the "gradual diminuendo" phase and thus the technique fails.  This is because the Cypriot using it has frequently forgotten the point of the argument because of their own attention span timing out and is thus left at a disadvantage.


An individual who is traditionally held to be stupid (i.e. a non-Cypriot) demonstrating that even if they do have a foreign accent their brain works just fine is seldom a welcome phenomenon.