A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.



Normally this may be taken to mean an individual qualified to operate a motor vehicle on the highway, but in Cyprus it refers more simplistically to the person at the wheel. Another common assumption is that whoever takes to the road behind the wheel actually owns the road so other individuals had better get out of the way if they want their day to end well. 

Cornering on the wrong side or indeed both sides of the road, ignoring road junctions or anything else with white lines and parking wherever pleases best regardless of the inconvenience to other, lesser road users can be included among the symptoms.

Whilst the driving test does exist, only fair success has been achieved in enforcing the concept especially in more rural areas. This and the lack of car insurance, again in the more rural areas, can make car ownership less than rewarding and not infrequently lethal.  The recent influx of maniacal eastern Europeans who seem determined to impress all comers with their almost total lack of ability on the roads with their ageing brake-free Japanese rust buckets are another feature that curiously retrospectively justifies the large number of weighty four wheel drive vehicles on the road today despite fuel prices that increase at a higher rate of speed than a Ferrari Enzo on nitrous.

Another feature of the local scene is the tendency for Cypriots to own large vehicles frequently equipped with highly illegal "roo bars" (as the Australians call them) and batteries of quartz-halogen fog lamps angled into the eyes of oncoming othigous (pl.). 


This curious combination of dangerous provocation and over-caution is confusing and best dismissed as a mangoscini.

It is worthy of note to those unfamiliar with the island of Cyprus that kangaroos are not an indigenous species and thus, with or without "roo bars", the incidence of collisions with them is statistically insignificant.
The same may not be said of pedestrians however, especially if whilst blinded by arrays of fog-lamps that can probably be seen from the moon, they dodge in the wrong direction in front of oncoming roo-barred thiplowgambina being driven erratically and at high speed by unqualified, uninsured, inebriated individuals barely old enough to reach the pedals (especially the brake) and probably texting on their mobile phones.

Having said that, being squidged into the tarmac by a vodka-fuelled eastern European in a beat-up Mazda 323 can hardly be said to be a whole lot better.


 So stay alert