A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Defective vision of a non specific type (blindness, short sighted etc)


This is an interesting example of the complexity of Greek grammar. In English, one who has the property of being short sighted is – in a nutshell – short sighted. A Cypriot male who is stravos (myopic for example) has the property of stravara.
Possibly this is similar to Plato and his issue of horse and horse-ness.

Thus stravara is best viewed as the unchanging ideal of blindness, an idea that is separate from the need to polish or even upgrade one’s glasses - and this eternal constant is a very Cypriot thing indeed.
Stravara (stravos-ness if you prefer) is reflected in virtually every aspect of Cypriot life from the astronomical prices charged to foreigners (without success) for rabbit-hutch sized concrete shacks to the never-ending monetary gang rape of the tourist industry in general and even driving techniques that would make the average kamikaze* draw back a pace in alarm if called upon to emulate them.

The future of both the property market and tourism is in doubt at this time, not to mention the future of the island after the German-led rape of the banking system and it's depositors, but not to most of those locals who are involved in such banking/financial or tourist activities.

They press on, short-sightedly insisting on "business as usual" whilst debating with each other over a coffee the inexplicable mystery of  fickle tourists and foolish investors who no longer flock to the island of Aphrodite as before.  They consider grandiosely impractical solutions such as larger marinas for boats, golf courses (in a drought) or advertising for products no-one can afford because all their wages have been slashed if not by the Troika then by greedy employers cashing in on a good excuse for paying less.

In these cases, we should always remember that there is none so blind as those who refuse to see.


* Kamikaze is a Japanese word, usually translated as divine wind, believed to be a gift from the gods. The name given to the storm, kamikaze, was later used during World War II as nationalist propaganda for suicide attacks by Japanese pilots or a convenient catch all term for the motorcycle and taxi drivers of Cyprus.
Motorcyclists are also referred to traditionally as "organ donors".