A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.



The religion of Cyprus is Christian Orthodoxy, with one curious modification.


The assumption appears to be that God is in truth an easy going, man of the world type Cypriot and thus is tolerant of minor infringements of the ten commandments by people of Cypriot origin where issues such as adultery, vehicular murder, theft, racism, and flagrant lack of charity unavoidably and understandably occur. (i.e. It seemed like a great idea at the time and they were foreign anyway.)
Whilst claiming to be a "religious" country, Cyprus has a vast population of working prostitutes, corruption to appease the gods and covets it's neighbour's ass to the point of poisoning it should it be perceived as better than their own.


In fairness, many individuals are entirely sincere in their beliefs - looking out for your neighbour is considered the right thing to do in many quarters and enormous efforts have been made to gather foodstuffs for the poor and needy in the wake of the rape of Cyprus banking system by a German led Europe. 
However - whilst the population of properly accredited local saints is prodigious, none of them seem to have been heard from recently and to be honest one can hardly blame them.

After all, when you consider even the Archbishops of Limassol and Paphos have been investigated for corruption, to whom would they appear?