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In Cyprus, the season for thiagopes represents a fascinating triumph of "logic" over intelligence.

Statistics from a few years back showed that 45% of the gross national product was from tourism, and 25% of that was from Britain. Thus Cyprus can truly be said to be a holiday island for more reasons than the obvious sand and sun.
It is in truth the lifeblood of the region and perhaps the largest single source of the "economic miracle" that followed the horrors of the 1974 Turkish invasion.

With this in mind it is curious that the island shuts down in August for the local shopkeepers, hairdressers, pharmacies and a hundred other service industries to go on holiday.
Their argument is that they need a rest too and since August is holiday time - on holiday they will go.
The fact that in Cyprus you can still enjoy summer well into September is not a point which they are willing to consider any more than the questionable wisdom involved in effectively shutting down of three quarters of the support services the (especially) self-catering tourist requires at the peak of the season.
This should be considered in the light of the fact that 95% of all businesses close early on Wednesday and Saturday.
In the mesevriani (siesta) season, namely June to October, close every day from 13.00hrs to 16.00 hrs. anyway, a tradition established in the years before air conditioning.


Accordingly for the holidaymaker in Cyprus we have two pieces of August–time advice:-

  • Be careful, Cyprus is hot.

  • Be warned, Cyprus is closed.