A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.


A pickup truck with seating accommodation for four persons, a double cabin.


This essentially agricultural vehicle was originally intended to offer the farmer a weekday work horse which was big enough and smart enough for the whole family at the weekend.  As a working (agricultural) vehicle, the road tax was correspondingly cheap in pre-European Union days and thus these diesel-powered monsters fast became the national vehicle of Cyprus.
All was well, subject to the limitations of the othigos until the idea of customizing these cumbersome vehicles occurred.
Sheet steel running boards, roo bars*, raised suspension, extra wide asphalt-chewing tyres, anti police radar systems, batteries of high powered fog lights, modified exhaust systems, alloy wheel rims, blacked out windows, custom paint jobs and anti roll bars are all common and indeed frequent additions to these once practical now borderline grotesque vehicles.
Being purchased with the largest possible most turbocharged engines further enhances their performance both as automobiles and as mangoscines.

These thiplowgambina (pl.) were/are so beloved by their owners that they are newer permitted to be any further than three to four meters from their owners at any time.
They are driven to and indeed on to the beach with no regard for other seaside occupants. Usually they are loaded with fougoues(pl.), portable T.V.s, ageing relatives, table and chairs, beach toys and a vast number of other items as if to justify ownership of so colossal and expensive an automotive leviathan by filling every scrap of its kasha** to overflowing.
At the same time the owner can demonstrate its four-wheel drive capabilities by blasting down to the waterline spraying sand and rocks in all directions with his extra-chunky off-road tyres whilst making his family seasick before they even get in the water (unless he forgets to brake).

Monumental increases in the prices of diesel have done nothing to diminish these urges towards automotive exhibitionism although the resale value of these four wheel drive white elephants is now pretty low - if you have one then you are stuck with it.


 It has been suggested that just as the ownership of a motora represents a rite of passage into manhood, the ownership of a thiplowgambinon represents passage into a nirvana-like state of completion where the individual perceives himself as uniquely and even more totally alone on the road such that even the elements may be bent to his will, if his roo-bar is sufficiently substantial.


 * A cage of steel bars bolted onto the front of rural vehicles in the Australian outback to prevent damage from collision with kangaroos, or "roos" as they are called locally. These animals are prone to "freeze" in car headlights and being up to six feet tall can cause considerable damage on collision.

 **The area at the back of the pick up truck. Mia kasha – a box.