A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

Gratitude and regards to those who helped:

The incomparable Fractalkat (http://www.itsfractalkat.com) for tea and sympathy (well, tea anyway).

MICROSOFT ENCARTA for some of the original research, Latterly Wikipaedia is pretty cool too as any number of PhD (Pretty highly dense) morons who just about figured how to copy-and-paste dissertations for their degrees will testify.
Ask.com and Google certainly merit a nod.
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Sort of preface to the 4th edition.

This site in various forms has just turned ten years old - so if that isn't an excuse for an update, what is?


Some things have changed over the years, mostly as a reaction to events rather than at the root level. 
Poverty is the big thing at the moment because of the collapse of the Euro, watching the Zoppos struggling to convince an indifferent world that they are still both richer and trendier than you is a perfect example of this phenomenon.  Their methods vary - the goal is the same as ever.


The property boom has been and gone, tourism is staggering drunkenly but still more or less on its feet for another round or so and the deposits of natural gas that we have probably already promised to the Russians are likely - as with North Sea oil in the UK - to make no difference to Joe Public whatsoever.  (Iosif Laos if you prefer).


Much changes and much stays the same - but it's still more fun in Cyprus than a lot of other places.


Kids still play in the street here although they need to watch the traffic, I don't personally know anyone who has been mugged in the last five years - nor is there a Cypriot word for this phenomenon.  We don't need one.  Perhaps I should add a "yet" there but why be negative? 

Granted people get into fights in Ayia Napa and occasionally die - but who in their right mind goes into a district of drunken clubbing and expects things not to get "real"?

Forgetting to lock your car in my neck of the woods is unwise but usually not a problem and your neighbour will still bang on your door if he or she hasn't seen you all day (unless said neighbour is English where different standards of politeness apply).


Assholes, morons and thieves are plentiful enough but these are hardy an exclusively Cypriot phenomenon.  I had a "Qualified English Plumber" screw my solar water heater and offer to fix it for €250.  My neighbour laughed himself silly and called his brother in law who did the job for €30.


I have friends leaving for the UK and it makes me sad for two reasons;


1.  I'll miss them.

2.  I think it's a mistake - here is better  :-)