A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

An immovably heavy or very unwieldy object.


A stage or two beyond a dangalaka if you prefer.
It is also a club or truncheon such as those employed by the British police force or their Turkish-Cypriot employees during the days when Cyprus was still under colonial rule and "divide and rule"was the order of the day in many colonies around the globe.
Hence the phrase tha fas topoozi. Literally "you will eat a truncheon", or more probably one will be fed to you regardless of your feelings on the matter.
Further to this we have therefore the phenomenon of the topoozos - an individual who has been "topoozied" to and beyond the point of intellectual atrophy, or at least this is how they act.


This is an excellent word and far more colourful than the simpler and mire general English "idiot".  Plus it enables one to state with great economy of words that an irritatingly dense individual is such a total topoozos that in truth they deserve nothing better than more of the same treatment in the hope, perhaps, that the excess may finally induce a cure..