A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

On "tick"  (unofficial credit)


This word is of Turkish origin and means credit, or more accurately the unofficial credit or "tick" that you might have once obtained from the corner shop long, long ago.
Cyprus is built on veresieh and the new cars and vast spidia(pl) are a testimony as to how easy this is to obtain, rather like England in the 1980's prior to the bursting of the economic bubble. The appropriateness of the unofficial nature of these arrangements in the word is because if you did not have a relative or friend working at the bank then you would never have got the loan anyway.

The level of physical and psychological stress involved in maintaining the colossal debts (even before the current crash) thus accrued is damaging to say the least and may account for the many examples of aberrant behaviour you will see during your stay here.

Further it is a remarkable linguistic coincidence that the senior psychologist/neurologist for Cyprus (at the time of writing) is the celebrated Kyriakos Veresiehs.


A nice man and justifiably popular although now he is in private practice he would be daft if he accepted anything other than cash