A chance to visit a place probably/hopefully unique in the whole universe.

An old man.


In truth Cypriot males never age, or else certainly never grow up. They are urgently desirable well into middle age (60 years old) and no women can resist them. (Indeed this is a popularly viewed as a legal obligation.)
The yehros is thus of considerably advanced age and for some reason will probably hail from one of the once inaccessible towns of the illegally occupied north of Cyprus.
He will lament in a gentle voice full of sorrow the old days, friends and family dead or still missing* and how everything in Cyprus these days has changed so suddenly, so strangely and so terribly.

 You should agree with him, (say "Neh bappou mou, neh."**), because of the following.


 1. Giving offence should be avoided in the face of his traumatic loss.

 2. He is entirely correct.


*Over 1600 individuals have been missing for the last 30 years with no explanation offered by the Turkish authorities as to their whereabouts in a fashion reminiscent of Nazi Germany's policy of Nacht Und Nebel.
It is hoped that they are alive somewhere on the Turkish mainland. Doubts exist.


** "Yes (my) grandfather, yes." It is permissible to refer to elders as relatives of the appropriate gender when speaking informally.