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Woman or Wife


No emphasis is placed on the subject of marriage, unless you use syzygos (spouse), you wife is simply "your woman" thus complicating the use of this word to the point where it has a number of distinct and conflicting meanings which are differentiated only by context.

Approximately, the English equivalents are:


1. Wife.
This applies to a possessive use of the word with outthrust jaw and narrowed eyes. As the wife ages or gains weight the speaker will become increasingly blasé to the point of eventual indifference. In formal situations the word sizigos may be employed.


2. Paid companion, (usually on a per-encounter basis).
Previously most often a Fillipineza , now commonly a Roumaneza or a Poloneza.
It is said with a measure of pride as this is a definite mangoscini in the eyes of the Cypriot male and he may smile with a wry masculine confidence as long as his wife is not present. The fact that the average hooker would hump their grandfater if the price was right is ignored.
The word boudana (prostitute) is not used unless the yinaiga is with someone else this time. Prices, performance or satisfaction, (especially hers), may not be compared by fellow filous (clients or "friends") of this type of yinaiga at any time or under any circumstances.


3. A person of the female sex.
The dismissive tone implies lack of interest, long standing marriage or else lack of success.

4. Sought after companion, possibly someone else's wife.
Wistfully intoned with the sly smile that implies a certain confidence but only in the absence of her chosen partner who is probably the one with the outthrust jaw and narrowed eyes.


It is probably safer (although a lot less fun) to steer clear of the whole business with a kind of distant but distinctly masculine tight-lipped silence in order to preclude the assumption that you are a poushtis *.
Hinting at a recent disastrous love affair ideally with a dissatisfied (but not with you) married yinaiga from another town who left you deeply scarred will allay suspicion, especially if you stare manfully into the distance through narrowed eyes when referring to her in clipped, brief sentences.

* Homosexual male.